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Offload is an inflatable offloading device to help safely remove pressure from the heel area of vulnerable patients

Heels are especially vulnerable to pressure injuries due to the relative small surface area, thinness of the underlying tissue, and the proximity of the angular calcaneus (heel bone) to the skin surface.

  • Offloading the heel effectively reduces pressure to zero - heel sits over the ‘float zone’

  • Offers protection for the Achilles tendon

  • Reduces the impact of pressure, friction and shear

  • For use in bed or with feet elevated into horizontal position, easily secured with strap provided

Offload Boot and Pump
Offload Boot Top View
Offload Boot

Offload is suitable for all levels of risk, including high risk,
and existing ulcers up to Category 4

Category One


Nonblanching, unbroken skin that may appear red or violet.

Category Two


Skin breakdown as far as the dermis.

Category Three


Skin breakdown into the subcutaneous tissue

Category Four


Penetrates muscle, tendon and bone.

The heel is the second most common site for pressure ulcer development
  • Research shows between 80% and 95% are avoidable

  • 17% of heel pressure ulcers may additionally involve the Achilles tendon

  • Studies in offloading with inflatable device have shown a reduction in incidence rates of heel pressure ulcer formation from 6% to zeroand 17% to zero5

4. Evans J. British Journal of Community Nursing, Vol 14 No 6, Wound Care June 2009

5. A.MacFarlane, S.Sayer. Poster presented at the 7th EPUAP Open Meeting. 2005


Suite 303, Highland House, 165 The Broadway, Wimbledon, SW19 1NE, UK

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