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Control spillages on the move

 AbsorbeZe MINI Pouches contain fluids safely while you are on the move. They are useful for travel sickness, or people who suffer from incontinence.

Because AbsorbeZe MINI Pouches gel unpleasant fluids in specially formulated AbsorbeZe pads rather than just holding them as a normal bag does, this means that the vomit, urine, or other fluid can be easily and safely disposed. AbsorbeZe pads also help to contain odours and prevent bacteria from spreading.

Due to the high absorption capabilities common to all AbsorbeZe-based products, a single pouch can gel up to 400 ml of urine-and there is no danger of leakage.

Once full, the pouch and be closed and sealed with the adhesive tab – ready for disposal. There is no danger of spillage, odours are kept to an absolute minimum -and securely retained inside AbsorbeZe MINI Pouches along with the waste fluid.

AbsorbeZe MINI Pouches feature an easy-to-use cardboard-reinforced face contoured opening for quick and simple use and self sealing closure.

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