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For spillage control and containment

AbsorbeZe powder is the base material for the entire AbsorbeZe superabsorbent range produced by Prosys International.

In many of our products we use a compound blended and compressed turning the powder into an extremely efficient and versatile sheet material which can be incorporated into virtually any product which needs to be very highly superabsorbent. AbsorbeZe powder locks the fluid up into a gel which can then be easily and safely disposed of.

AbsorbeZe has endless uses in spillage control limiting the spread of infection and disease. For example, in the hospital ward where movement of human waste to the sluice is a continual activity, AbsorbeZe gellifies fluids, allowing easy movement of the waste and achieving real control over spread of infection.

Odour reduction is also achieved by significantly reducing the expansion of bacterial growth – the source of odour. AbsorbeZe powders have been studied, and shown to reduce the growth of bacteria by holding them in place thus impeding their mass multiplication by water deprivation.

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