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Manage clinical waste safely

AbsorbeZe pads feature a unique Superabsorbent blend formulated and compressed into a sheet. Each AbsorbeZe pad’s core comprises 100% superabsorbent and, despite measuring just 10cm x 10cm, and being less that 1.5mm thick, can lock up to 400ml of water or 350ml of urine into a gel.

AbsorbeZe sheets are also available in an even more convenient form, as AbsorbeZe Liners where the absorbent sheet is contained in a highly porous “non-woven” material which enables extremely easy disposal of fluids.

Absorbeze liners are  a small version of the AbsorbeZe Sheets. AbsorbeZe pads are a convenient way to absorb aqueous spillages; simply place on top of the spillage and the unique formulation will absorb the fluid.

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